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Hesse PU Basecoat DG 4717-0005

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About this product

DG 4717-0005 is ideally suited as a base coat for closed-pore and light fast coatings even on critical wood species with matching Hesse intermediate and finishing lacquers in gloss levels dull matt to high gloss. This acrylate-based product has good body and dries to be very transparent and can also be used without problems on bleached woods. It can also be used as a sealant for MDF edges in damp environments.

  • light fast and well-bodied

  • very good adhesion properties and wetting of wood pores

  • resistant to peroxide so can be used on bleached woods

  • wide area of application, also on MDF edges in damp environments

Suitable for the marine, retail, furniture & staircase industries.

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