Which Hesse products are EN 13501-1 certified?

Here at Redwood, we are often asked by our customers about the latest fire safety regulations and which of our Hesse products meet the most recent reaction to fire European Standard.  With this in mind, we’ve provided a summary of the European Standard EN 13501-1: Reaction to Fire regulations and a full list of EN 13501-1 certified Hesse products:

EN 13501-1 Reaction to Fire explained

The European standard EN 13501-1: Reaction to Fire provides a number of performance criteria to measure the fire characteristics of materials. The EN‐standard is based on a test for the actual materials response to fire, smoke development and droplets while burning – however, it should be noted that this test does NOT cover fire resistance – this comes under BS EN 13501-2.

All materials tested under EN 13501-1: Reaction to Fire regulations also have a letter classification, from A1 to F, to further explain their reaction to fire:

Class A1 – non-combustible materials

Class A2 – non-combustible materials

Class B – combustible materials – very limited contribution to fire

Class C – combustible materials – limited contribution to fire

Class D – combustible materials – medium contribution to fire

Class E – combustible materials – highly contribution to fire

Class F – combustible materials – easily flammable