Ways to go eco-friendly in your workshop

It's 2021, and climate change is at the top of everyone's agenda.

Over the past decade, we've seen European weather patterns shifting almost before our eyes, with corresponding increases in the incidence of forest fire, floods, and other nastiness believed to be anthropogenic in origin.

'Anthropogenic' means 'arising from human activity'. Forestry is a human activity that's strongly implicated in climate change, and much of Redwood's customer base works with timber products.

That being so, implementing some eco-friendly measures in your workshop will do your public profile no end of good...and it might make a significant difference to the planet, too!

Here are some tried-and-tested ways you can help.

Change your working patterns

A couple of decades ago, a famous TV ad campaign called on viewers to change their behaviour in small ways: switching off unnecessary lights; boiling only enough water for their one-cup brewup...that's still good advice, but those of us who operate workshops full of power tools can go further.

How might you reduce the energy footprint of your business? Piecemeal changes can make a big difference. For instance, you might install movement-activated lighting in place of manual switching, or provide staff with resources that support them in choosing hand sanding over default belt sanders. (If you opt for the hand finishing option, Redwood can provide the necessary specialist abrasives.)

We've even seen workshops where solar-powered LED task lighting enables a small but significant reduction in power consumption!