Virtual spray demos coming soon…

With social distancing measures likely to be in place for some time, the team at Redwood has been exploring innovative ways to continue to support our customers, whilst adhering to Government guidelines at the same time. With this in mind, we are excited to announce the imminent launch of our new virtual spray demonstrations.

Nearing the final stages of development, we are in the process of adapting one of our in-house spray booths into a virtual demonstration studio, giving us the capacity to continue delivering the same interactive and engaging product demonstrations, but in a live, virtual environment.

Before lockdown and social distancing measures were implemented, all product demonstrations would take place face-to-face and follow this pathway:

  1. First, we’d meet with the customer for an initial meeting to gain a deeper understanding of their business and the challenges they were looking to overcome.

  2. Next, we’d identify areas where we can add value - making tangible recommendations based on our unrivalled knowledge of the indu