Spray adhesives: the dos and don’ts

'Spray adhesive' is a blanket term for the processes of applying adhesive to surfaces from pressurised containers. Many craftspeople have found such techniques useful, because they minimise wastage, reduce drying times and make it quick and easy to create a consistent coating.

Most professionals will find it easy to switch to spray adhesives, especially if they have experience with spray finishing. As with any new process, observing some simple dos and don'ts will ensure the best results.

Do pay attention to ventilation and protective clothing

The single most important requirement for working with spray adhesive is to ensure good ventilation. If an air extraction system isn't available, at least try to set up in an area with good airflow. And wear an appropriate mask! Glue mist is nasty stuff to inhale, but can easily be filtered with a simple facemask. Gloves are a good idea, too, but choose latex or nitrile rather than PVC, nylon or cotton.

Do prepare your working area

Allow twice as much space