Reducing processing times on wood surfaces with Hesse’s FANTASTIC FILL primer

Priming wood surfaces can take several hours, but with Hesse’s FANTASTIC-FILL primer professionals could save up to 50% in coats and processing times.

For a first-class finish, primer is a necessity which should form the foundation of any wood-finishing project.  When applied properly, primers improve a wood’s surface adhesion for spraying, protect against wear and tear and dramatically improve the overall surface finish. However, there’s no denying that the process can be a tedious one – with many primers taking hours to dry, depending on the type of wood you’re preparing and the type of primer you’re using.

With this in mind, Redwood Innovation are shining a spotlight on Hesse’s FANTASTIC-FILL primer – a polyurethane isolation primer, suitable for interior wood surfaces and typically saves professionals up to 50% in coats and processing times.