Going green - how to spot a truly 'low-VOC' product

For individuals working in the manufacturing industries, contact with volatile organic compounds – also known as VOCs – can be a daily occurrence. From lacquers and paint strippers to cleaning solvents and glues – all of these materials release organic compounds during use, and to some degree, can still linger in consumers’ homes when used on interior walls and surfaces.

Thankfully, with growing calls in the industry to improve VOCs found in these products and new legislation introduced in recent years, we are seeing manufacturers make a move in the right direction.

With this in mind, Redwood Innovation’s technical department outline some of their key considerations when looking for a truly ‘low-VOC’ or ‘eco-friendly’ product:

Consideration 1: The ingredients

To determine if a product is truly ‘low-VOC’ any manufacturer should be able to provide evidence of the ingredients they use. This should be displayed on the paint pots, data sheets or available upon request from the company. All our Hesse Lignal coatings having their ingredients clearly labelled and VOC percentages can be found both online and on every product