FAQ – How do joinery factories dispose of their empty IBCs and do Redwood offer any solutions?

Responsible disposal of IBCs should be a priority for manufacturers, and the methods which are employed to do so will largely depend on the type of IBCs being disposed of. Here at Redwood we’re frequently asked by our customers about the most suitable disposal methods, so with this in mind, we’ve summarised a simple and easy-to-follow best practice process to make sure you’re meeting hazard disposal regulations:

1.Determine whether the materials are ‘hazardous’

Generally speaking, any materials that could cause potential harm to humans or the environment are considered hazardous. In most cases you can check the waste code or codes associated with your type of waste – it’ll have an asterisk if it’s hazardous. However, some waste may have both hazardous and non-hazardous entries, depending on whether it contains dangerous substances at or above certain levels.

If you determine that the IBC container did contain hazardous materials or you’re simply not sure, th