FAQ - How can I prevent wood surfaces greying?

he worn, silvered look is a trend which has risen in popularity in recent years. However, for manufacturers who want to maintain the natural golden colours and textures of a wood surface, preventing greying is an ongoing issue.  In this latest blog, we discuss why this happens and what you can do to prevent wood surfaces greying.

Wood structure explained

Wooden surfaces lose their natural colour after exposure to the elements due to chemical changes occurring within. Wood surfaces contain tannins, which give the wood its colour and lignins act as the glue holding the wood fibres together. When exposed to UV light, the lignins break down into simple sugars and the tannins can slowly oxidise, causing dead wood fibres to grey and lead to unwanted discolouring.

While greying is a natural process which occurs over time, choosing the right coating and finishing products can go a long way to help overcome the issue. There are a several market leading Hesse Lignal products you can use which have been designed specifically to protect surfaces against UV damage:

Hesse PU Multicoat Lacquer DE 42900-0003 natural wood effect – a two-component PU lacquer, with special UV protection properties, which is suitable for priming and