Below you will find a short video introducing the Hesse Lignal FANTASTIC-Clear ULTRAMATT. Here, we share its most suitable uses and demonstrate its remarkable velvety feel to the surface.

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In this video, we’re going to take a look at the FANTASTIC-Clear ULTRAMATT, which is a clear lacquer that can be used as a multi-coat lacquer on all common and bleached woods, or as a finishing lacquer over any of our PU bases, including the FANTASTIC-Color.

More about the FANTASTIC-Clear ULTRAMATT

FANTASTIC-CLEAR ULTRAMATT is ideal as a multicoat or finishing lacquer on Hesse polyurethane basecoats. It is an ideally matched combination product as an ultra matt finishing lacquer on FANTASTIC-COLOR and gives a notable velvety-soft feel to the surface.

  • Ultra matt < 3 % gloss

  • Remarkable velvety soft feel

  • High chemical and mechanical resistance

  • Scratch resistant

  • Suitable for use on bleached woods

  • Universally usable, even for heavily frequented areas

  • 10:1 Mix with DR4071

  • Multi coat or finishing lacquer

  • Light fast, transparent & extremely matt

  • 8 hour pot life

  • 2 hour drying time

  • IMO & EN13501-1 certification

  • Can be sprayed using a P2 mask

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