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Exclusive to Redwood Innovations, the Zobel range of exterior wood finishes offer excellent durability, weather resistance and an unrivalled high quality finish.

Take a look at our video below, introducing the new range of exterior coatings, its recommended uses and tips for achieving the perfect application.

Introducing the *NEW* exterior range

In this video, we’re going to take a look at the FANTASTIC-Clear ULTRAMATT, which is a clear lacquer that can be used as a multi-coat lacquer on all common and bleached woods, or as a finishing lacquer over any of our PU bases, including the FANTASTIC-Color.

Our exterior coating ranges

ZOBEL_RAL Fächer_Color Fan_201212.JPG

ZowoTec 263


  • Water-based white primer with insulation action against water-soluble constituents of hard and coniferous wood and biocidal setting acc. to EN 113 and EN 152.1.

  • If there is protection against fungi or blue stain needed then this gives extra protection.


ZowoTec 385 Intermediate Coat


  • Water-based, one-component, high solid, sprayable intermediate coating with protective action against discoloring wood ingredients. Zowo-tec® 385 is characterized by fast layer build-up, high covering power and good sandability. Its viscosity setting ensures safe processing even on complex geometries.

  • This product can be used as a primer without the need for the Zowotec 263 Primer


Zowotec 480 Top Coat


  • Water-based, early block resistant, highly weather resistant, opaque intermediate and final coating emphasizing the natural wood surface.

  • Comes in two colours as standard RAL 9010 and RAL 9016 but can be mixed to most RAL colours etc


ZowoTec 203


  • Water-based primer with biocidal setting acc. to EN 113 and EN 152.1.


ZowoTec 421


  • Water-based, early block resistant, UV-resistant, colorless intermediate and final coating with excellent transparency and brilliancy, emphasizing the natural wood grain. Protection of the unpigmented film and substrate by special UV absorbers and radical scavengers.

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