Redwood Innovations are able to supply an extensive range of Adhesives, which include resins, methacrylate’s, PVA’s, Urea Formaldehyde, solvent based and canisters; a comprehensive selection of coated, non-woven and foam Abrasive products complete with a full range of accessories and complimentary items, Tapes, Sealants, Hesse Lignal Interior Lacquers, Ultra-Shield Exterior Lacquers and other wood finishing products, Applicators and Workshop Sundries.


We have a full Redwood Catalogue which shows our range of products. We also have a Hesse Lignal Coating Catalogue which gives a lot of information on interior coatings. Various leaflets are also available on a number of products.


Every adhesive user has their own particular demand and bonding requirement. Redwood Innovations have the Technical Support and capacity to advise on and deliver, the product most suited to your application.


Complementing our adhesive and sealant range, we supply a broad range of abrasive materials. In many differing formats, sizes and features, we seek to ensure our customers receive the most appropriate sanding tool for their application.


Redwood Innovations recognise that tapes provide a cost effective solution to many applications. Whether you are masking, bonding, cushioning, sealing, gasketing or simply protecting your product, we have a tape to ease this process.


With increasingly impressive performance parameters the high quality sealants we stock here at Redwood meet the most stringent demands. Based on acrylic, silicone, polyurethane and hybrid polymers, we have a sealant for most applications.


Being environmentally friendly is what every company strives to achieve. With the Hesse Lignal lacquers this is made possible as they are formaldehyde free. As well as the lacquers we also supply wood fillers, waxes, polishing compounds and many other items.


To maximise the use of our products we are able to offer reliable and efficient hand-held application equipment. From Spray Guns, Hot Melt Applicators, Cartridge Guns, Tape Dispensers and Adhesive Spreaders, we have a wide range for you to choose from.


In addition to our core products we also offer a range of safety products. This includes personal protection equipment and cleaning supplies. We are also able to supply hazardous storage systems and many other sundry items.