– Finding the colour tone within 1 second
– More than 90% time saving compared to traditional colour search with colour cards
– Data base containing about 5000 shades from RAL Classic, RAL Design, NCS S

Everybody knows the situation: Colour tones need to be selected according to a reference sample. For example, the customer wants a building component to be painted in the shade of his wallpaper. The problem is finding the right colour tone from a large number of colour cards.

Rising to the challenge, the surface specialists at Hesse now offer a clever, and portable, solution. The Hesse Color Reader! It fits in every handbag or trouser pocket. The Reader measures the desired reference sample and submits the data via Bluetooth to your Apple- or Android smartphone. The ColorReader App then searches the Hesse database, currently containing about 5000 different shades, and displays the best matching shades plus related Hesse product number.

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