Even the most experienced manufacturers encounter situations which they have not come across before. Sometimes you may be asked to push boundaries on production or create a unique product that throws up questions. We always strive to provide the technical help you require, please see below our answers to the most frequently asked questions.

If you require further technical help, please contact the sales team on 023 9223 3310 or email sales@redwoodinnovations.co.uk


Q: How do I stop marks on boards that have gone through a wide belt sander? A: The cause of this could be that you are trying to remove too much stock with the grit grade you are using, a joint problem on belts or damage to the roller. Here at Redwood we can offer technical advice over the phone or arrange for a Sia Abrasives representative to assess on site.

Q: How do we reduce processing times on solid surfaces? A: The Sia 1950 Fibotec discs can dramatically reduce processing times in most instances by a minimum of 40%. Please do click here for more information or call us to arrange samples.

Q: How can I reduce dust in the workshop? A: Dust is an issue both in terms of affecting the surface and from a health and safety point of view. Sia Abrasives offer the Fibotec 1948 and 1950 systems in addition to the Sianet 7900 all developed to maximise dust extraction offering products in these ranges in disc form as well as strips and rolls.

Q: How can I prevent clogging of sanding discs and minimize scratches made by my random orbital sander? A: The Sia Fibotec 1948, 1950 and Sianet 7900 systems can be used on sanders specifically to prevent clogging which is the most common cause of rogue scratch marks. These products will help to reduce re-works on the items you are sanding.

Q: How can I hand sand items efficiently when sanding in difficult areas i.e. 90 degree angles? A: You can use 1948 siasoft rolls, they have a foam backing, they are very flexible and don’t not crack when folded in half.

Q: Can I get technical help on which sanding belts to use? A: Yes we can arrange a rep to talk to you or visit if required – please contact us.

Wood Finishes

Q: Do you provide lacquers for the Marine industry? A: Yes, Hesse-Lignal currently supply the largest range of interior dedicated marine coatings in the UK.  Coatings such as this have specific demands for both durability and safety, which is why all Hesse marine lacquers carry the wheel mark of the International Marine Organisation (IMO). Popular lacquers include the high gloss DU 45229 Brilliant Lacquer, the multipurpose DE 4259x and the class leading DB 4888x Fantastic Colour. These lacquers are not suitable for exterior use. 

Q: Where can I buy Class 0 rated lacquer? A: We can offer Envirograph intumescent coatings systems to up-rate the surface to meet that standard then offer coat on coat products which will maintain this rating.

Q: Is there a one coat paint system? A: Hesse Lignal’s Fantastic Colour DB 4888 x is a leap forward in paint technology as in one step 60% more material can be applied. It can be applied directly to MDF or you can use it alongside the Fantastic Fill primer DP4755-9343 as a unique system saving processing time and money.

Q: Is there an isocyanate free lacquer system? A: Yes, Hesse have developed the DU 48999 Adamant, a revolutionary isocyanate free high gloss polyurethane that as well as looking great also displays the highest level of chemical and mechanical resistance we’ve ever achieved in a product of this class.

Q: Can I spray metal? A: We can provide systems that both adhere to metal surfaces as well as those that create and compliment them with Hesse Decorative Metal and a wide range of other unique metallic effects for wood, plastic and glass.

Q: Is it easy to achieve rustic or vintage looks?  A: Yes, Hesse offer a wide range of rustic inspired stains and effects, including the new EasyPore system; an alternative to liming that gives a vintage look in minutes.  For a full range of creative and vintage surfaces see our new brochure – Click Here

Q: Do you supply coatings for glass? A: Yes, both water and solvent based solutions are available for the direct coating of glass. Please ask for more details.

Q: How can I reduce my VOCs? A: If due to exceeding your annual allowance or just for peace of mind you feel the need to change system, we offer a wide range of water based products to cover every requirement.

Q: How do I know if the coatings I’m using are the safest available? A: As a responsible company, Hesse has gone to great lengths to remove aromatic compounds (Xylene, Toluene, Methanol), cobalt and phthalates from our products in order to safeguard our customers health.  We stand by this and assure all our customers that Hesse-Lignal will not compromise its integrity, the environment or your working conditions via the use of dirty ingredients and redundant technology.

Q: Should I be concerned about formaldehyde? A: Yes. The European Parliament classifies Formaldehyde as both a Class 1 carcinogen and a level 2 Mutagen (shown to induce DNA mutations).  It is extremely hazardous and should not be used in any coating material capable of emitting at or above the current European E1 limit (0,1 ppm).  We can supply both formaldehyde free coatings as well as those that fall under the current E1 limit.

Q: Can I get food safe products for my kitchen surfaces? A: Yes, Hesse produce the DE 4500x-0004 PU specially for coating food sensitive areas.

Q: Is there a natural oil or wax to use on floors in a family home? A: Yes, Hesse Lignal have several products. We would recommend the GE11254 or the GE 83x oils.

Q: Can Hesse lacquers be brushed on? A: Yes, Hesse Lignal have produced a brushing additive which can be added to most PU lacquers. This can be used in either clear or coloured lacquers.

Q: Can I get the Hesse lacquers in any colour I require? A: Yes, we have a large library of colours that are programmed into the paint mixing equipment. We can also match samples supplied by customers.

Q: Is the Hesse Lignal lacquer safe for children’s furniture and toys? A: Yes, the Hesse Lignal PU lacquer carries the Toy Safety DIN EN 71-3 (2002-11) certification.


Q: Do you have all of your catalogue items in stock? A: We stock most product lines but there are a few items which are more specialist and we buy in to order. Lead times are advised at the time of ordering.

Q: What is your delivery Charge? A: We charge £7.50 + VAT on all orders under £75 net. If you require a special delivery service this is available at an additional cost. Contact us with your requirements.