Redwood’s 2019 kitchen trends predictions

The kitchen is the heart of the home for many and over the years we’ve seen the design elements of kitchens evolve dramatically. From a class country feel to modern, warehouse-style cabinets – a lot can be achieved simply by the type of lacquer you use. With this in mind, we’re rounding up some of […]

New Hesse Lignal Portable Colour Reader

  – Finding the colour tone within 1 second – More than 90% time saving compared to traditional colour search with colour cards – Data base containing about 5000 shades from RAL Classic, RAL Design, NCS S Everybody knows the situation: Colour tones need to be selected according to a reference sample. For example, the […]

Hesse Lignal Marine Interior Catalogue

The new Hesse Lignal Marine Interior catalogue is now available to download – call us on 02392 233310 or email to reserve your copy today and we’ll send it out to you by post as soon it has been printed. DOWNLOAD HERE

Spraying PU Paint in temperatures of over 20 degrees Celsius?

As you will be aware spraying PU paint in warmer temperatures can have an effect on the finish achieved. If you are spraying in temperatures over 20 degree Celsius then you may be finding that it is drying very fast. To counteract this use the Hesse Lignal DV4935 slow thinners which will slow the drying […]

Hesse Lignal – Creative Metallic

A wide range of shades for wood, plastic and glass An unlimited effect variety by mixing of colour tones Another highlight of the Hesse Lignal range is the new metallic colour card. In it we have selected 112 different metallic shades. The appropriate Hesse CREATIVE-METALLIC colour lacquer DB 46555-colour tone offers an unlimited effect variety, since all […]

Fantastic Fill – One Coat Primer System

Hesse Lignal says it has revolutionised the paint industry with the launch of its Fantastic Fill primer, a primer that saves up to 50% in coats and processing times. Fantastic Fill is a polyurethane isolation primer with excellent body and remarkable surface smoothness, which in parallel optimises sanding characteristics and shortens the sanding process. It […]

Sianet – The powerful net-backed abrasive

The special net structure of 7900 sianet and 7500 sianet CER enables dust-free working with the highest sanding performance. The ceramic grit in 7500 sianet CER provides the highest removal rate and longest lifetime. Compared with conventional coated abrasives, sianet is characterised by its high removal rate combined with a long lifetime. Its open net […]